About Kyou-Go
Kyou-Go was established with the mission to be an innovator in mechanical engineering. We are always pushing the boundaries of
 our knowledge and expertise in order to provide the most professional technology.

Kyou-Go was awarded the quality and technology survey by automobile suppliers in Japan and USA and has become a global equi-
 pment supplier and manufacturer of automotive industry related equipment.

Based on Japanese technology, we have successful developed production lines for equipments such as compressor of air conditi-
 oners ,and assembling machine shells, which had lead to us becoming the most professional manufacturer in Asia.  Our exhaust s-
 ystem equipments are CE certificated and exported to Spain, Thailand, India, China, and Japan.

We adopted positive R&D and import Japanese technology & management to further enhance and expand KGA's capability, In?add-
 ition KGA, established branches in Guangzhou, China to provide our customers full service.
Two & Four wheel
Vehicles production
  1.Production line of exhaust resonat-
   or and converter.
  2.Production line of muffler.
  3.Production line of exhaust welding
  4.The pipe cell manufacturing asse-
  5.The production assemblies for rad-
  6.The production of powder coating
   for radiator.
  7.Leakage test equipment (high lower
   pressure of water type, flow rate type
   , H2 type and volume airtight.)
Air Conditioner
  1.The production line of compress-
   or body shell
  2.The compressor assembly lines
   of air conditioner driven by pump
  3.The compressor assembles pro-
   duction line of air conditioner..
  4.The air condition compressor use
  5.Component and final assembly
   automatic equipment.
  6.Torque test equipment.
Electron production
  1.Assemblies of conveyer, shi-
   fting, alignment and packing.
  2.Ultrasonic washing, high pr-
   essure spray washing.
  3.PC card insertion and evalu-
   ation assemblies, CD disk
   packing assemblies.
Other production
  1.Robotic move table.
  2.Evaluation test equipment for
   hinge and slider.
  3.Development and Manufacturing
   crews equipment for customer
1998 Funded and prepared to establish KYOU-GO AUTOMATIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD.
1999 KYOU-GO AUTOMATIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established formally in Feb. In order to provide clients with professional service.
2000 Quality and Technology had been approved by DENSO JAPAN (the branch in Taiwan) and RECHI PRECISION and become
their supplier.
2001 Quality and capability approved by A.V Meritor’s, an international leader of car exhaust system and started to be her supplier. MACHINERY CO.LTD, established to serve oversea clients.
2002 Adapting Japanese technology and started manufacturing assemblies for compressors of air-conditioners, DAI-GO AUTOMATIC automatic assembly and shell body line.
2003 CE certificated and exported assemblies of car exhaust to Spain, Thailand, India, China, and Japan.
2004 KYOU-GO started business relationship of muffler/air conditioner/radiator not only with famous OEM factories which work with TOYOTA、MAZDA、NISSAN and other automobile companies but also with electric equipments factories such as TCL-R. C、G.L China and others.
2005 In August, a plant in Guangzhou China was born in order to offer service to clients positively. Meanwhile actively deepened the R&D and company level by adopting Japanese technology and management. New mode of muffler CNC bothend seaming machine was created.
2006 Expanded the manufacturing scale and deepened the R&D level in Guangzhou branch. Joined corporation with Japan Machine Builder
2007 Expanded R&D department, and improve the process of manufacture.
2008 Sale machine to Europe with qualified European safety standard"EMSEC", become production line machine provider of exhaust system and heat exchange system for V.W, BMW, BENZ and Ford...etc.
2009 Provide machines to Malaysia, Australia and India
2010 Begin buliding and sale shock absorber production machines
2011 Start plan of building new plant and continued to development new machines
2012 Start building new plant and move to new plant in October. Keep developing auto production line without operator
2013 Continuously penetrate Europe and China market, and improve the machine function in order to provide the highest production efficiency machine.
2014 Merge and develop a branch company in Shanghai provide comprehensive solution for customers for middle and north of China.
Taiwn Headquarter: No. 385-1, Sec. 2, Qingnian Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan
TEL:+886-3-4853436 FAX:+886-3-4853435
E-mail:[email protected]
Guangzhou Branch:No. 2, 2nd. Industrial Zone, Da-Tong Village, Dong-Yong Township, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China 511475
TEL:+86-20-34906120 FAX:+86-20-34901190
E-mail:[email protected]
Shanghai Branch:No. 1018 a Xi Yang Road, Heqing town, Pudong New Area Shanghai
TEL:+86-21-68860998 FAX:+86-21-68860998-8010
E-mail:[email protected]
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